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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Love, Joy and Peace Combo

I awoke one recent morning so depressed I literally had to fall into the arms of God—I had no other choice. (But, what a choice!) I went straight away to a quiet place and prayed. Two minutes of dread was addressed in the very moment of seeking the Lord.
But then God asked me something; I was asked to simply love, and to delight in simply that—ego free.
When Is It Love and When Is It Not
So many times I have been duped; tricked by the evil residing in my flesh—my ego. I have gone ahead of love and loved for external reasons. I missed the mark because there was still too much of me in these transactions of ‘love’.
When love is transactional it is a task without joy. And love is not love unless it comes jam-packed with joy. Peace is also contained with it. Love, joy and peace come as a combo.
During times I have pretended to love, and dearly missed the mark, there has been a gross lack of joy and an absence of peace. I did my ‘works’ not for love, but for kudos.
When we love it is a delight to love, and we can do anything—any task, or be anywhere, with whomever. And, love remains through joy and peace.
When we are in the lap of God we are perfectly content wherever we are. But so often we struggle, because truly loving—with no thought of kudos—relies on surrender. Surrender never seems like a good idea to our flesh; to our ego.
But love can only be love when we allow it to melt the ego. When we boldly go out, in courage, to love without thought of return we enter the Presence of God. There God meets us and is very nearly present—we are divinely conscious. Blessings abound, but only because we refuse our needs and enjoy giving service to others’ needs.
Flipping a Coin
Coins are two-sided; heads and tails; positive and negative; good and evil. Life is like a coin with two sides.
Our perspective, especially when we are depressed, never caters for the strength we can obtain by becoming nothing. When we, by our souls, endeavour to let go of what wrangles us, we are given access to a different, divine perspective. We are transformed in an instant.
We can only strive for ourselves or others; we cannot do both. Either the ego wins or love wins. And when the ego wins no one wins, but when love wins everybody wins.
Love, joy and peace come as a combo. When we love others God blesses us with both joy and peace. Joy and peace reaffirm love.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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