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Monday, December 31, 2012

Honouring Old Times Past

At the ending of years,
Counting some with tears,
And some, yet, with sorrow to let go,
We can favour recall of our memories,
If only we hold the future as no foe.
Saying goodbye brings mixed emotions,
And all these put together make plenteous oceans,
There is good riddance, nonchalance, and sadness,
But when we look ever forward in hope,
There is heaven’s possibility; the completeness of gladness.
When old acquaintances are not forgotten,
The times shared; the mutual fondness begotten,
And we raise a glass in delivering a bold toast,
The embracing of truths holds us starkly,
As we recall the memories that meant most.
Honouring What (and Who) Has Made Us, “Us”
As life travels on, and we get used to the encroaching realities—whether we like them or not—we have a golden opportunity in saying a creditable goodbye.
Such goodbyes are not about forgetting important points in the past.
Some goodbyes are not goodbyes at all. Some are merely the recognition of the importance these memories had, and will continue to have, in the history of our lives.
Part of recovering from all sorts of losses is the ability of recall. What a beautiful thing to return to a healed grief! That is God’s gift of being able to honour the loss.
When we can recall things that meant so much to us they may still cause us pain—whether good pain or bad—we are given opportunities to grow into a boldness of remembrance, whereby such losses can be remembered with true fondness as the pain ultimately dims. Healed pain glows with a calming reminder of God’s faithfulness to achieve for us a miracle. We prayed and prayed, and were delivered from the tearing pain of our loss.
There is no fear in honouring old times past, or our losses. The more we recall these memories, the more we say goodbye, the more we may enjoy the freedom of recalling such pleasantries in our history.
Honouring is a grand and thankful activity.
When we have the boldness to honour the truth of our histories—those events and people that shaped us along life’s way—we pay God honour, as well, by validating our truths.
Now, life is about balance. Getting the balance right, regarding honouring the past whilst honouring our futures by getting on with our lives, has an obvious vitality about it.
When we can honour our pasts in such a way that they give meaning to our futures, we have the wherewithal to live life as abundantly as we can.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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