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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Saving of the Silent Soul-Voice

Whether it’s the voice of the constantly undermined child, the partner of a despotic Nazi, a belittled employee at the cruel behest of a bullying boss or one at the whim of their own melancholic senses, the same outcome finds the lives that are lived. Damage coexists and antagonism is exacted.

The same archetype soul-voice resonates each the above. Beyond the crying spirit is one that yells within for escape.

And this is not always the typical bellow. For some it’s a frightened look with a quivered voice. Learned is the way; the maladapted nature that just persists, however ineffective is the method for coping.

These looks and voices are everywhere—yes; perhaps they’re even within our own personas as we read.

Enters Does the Advocate

The Advocate—Jesus of Nazareth, the Lord of lords and King of kings—is the heavenly, eternal and ever-present Saviour. Saviour means “one who saves,” and this the most majestic of salvations, from the oppressed life.

So, just how does this Jesus save in these situations?

This Jesus never saves via conventional methods of salvation. Never by the sword of war does Jesus save, but it’s by the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17). It’s in his own perfect suffering that we identify with how he suffered (not that we’re expected to suffer perfectly by any means). Still, Jesus is the model for our own suffering; never condemning the oppressor, for the oppressor is just as scared (if not, more). Aggression is fear. The oppressor must be loved!

But love is not trust. Not that we put up with such oppression as it comes, furthermore. We use the wisdom of God to extricate ourselves wherever possible.

And besides, we take up Jesus’ loving cudgels and become the Advocate where we’re able; using the Spirit’s provision of overcoming courage and grace.

Recognising and Interceding for the Silenced Soul-Voice

There is one in every family, maybe several. The reader might even be it.

But there is always one worse off. And the job of the servant of God is recognising these ones worse off and interceding for them, via prayer, a hand, a kind word, or at times by more active forms of intercession—but always guided in the wisdom of God, which never approves of sin.

Still, if it’s us who are dogged with authoritarianism, just how are we to intercede for ourselves?

Find that gentle voice—the trusted one who’s always got good advice on their lips—and go to them. The closer in physical proximity they are, the better. Yes, this is a key function of the Church—to reveal the Spiritual compassion of God for those ailing.

Ultimately, we trust ourselves to God and we ask him for light and the discernment of his heavenly wisdom.

It is God in the heavens—the One ranging through all the earth, anywhere and everywhere—that listens. God, our Saviour and Friend, never stops listening.

Trust him with your innermost heart. Dwell in the Almighty so you can be saved.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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