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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wounded Healer

People might ask why it is thus,

That a person of your kind is even involved in this,

But there’s opportunity in it to show them the bus,

A point many afflicted are sure to miss.

This bus referred is how we got here,

Variety of kind there is an abyss,

And the bus is the point – one we hold dear,

For this reason alone we cannot dismiss.

To the blessed wounded healers come to be near,

Scourged they’ve been – trust them for sure,

Because they’re ones who’ve dealt with their fear,

Ones who’ve experienced a certain Divine cure.

Go with them in truth – sure to be delight,

Doubled together in journeys to care,

Futures of wisdom burgeoning bright,

Lighter by the day our burdens to bear.


Wounded healers are something else. They’re blessed to be a blessing; God’s warriors called most intrinsically to a particular passion.

They’ve been scourged by a nuance of life and having been healed by the Holy Spirit they’re just thrilled to have opportunities to help their spiritual kin—those afflicted by the self-same things they were.

Scepticism Follows Thought for Devious Motives

Many who are ministered to are in a vulnerable position. They necessarily must trust their mentors, pastors and counsellors. It is natural, then, that ‘ministers’ must earn the respect of onlookers who are characteristically suspicious of devious motives.

This is where the wounded healer is set apart. They don’t have the slightest impure motive. They’ve been in the hellhole and but for the grace of God they’d still be there. Gratitude has become them.

Which Bus?

We’re all on certain ‘buses’ in life. Some catch the stock market bus, others the gaming bus, others still the addiction bus, and still others the abuse bus. (We most often do not pick our buses—they pick us.) There are thousands of buses—good ones and not-so-good ones.

If we get on the wrong bus for healing the method’s not going to be effective for us.

That’s why we should welcome the wounded healer onto the right bus, as well as those needing that bus. That bus is headed in the right direction, and will take the best stops, for both.

Time to Trust

The wounded healer can be trusted; that we’ve established.

Trust, however, is a tricky business, especially for those hurt and desperate for healing. Trust is action-oriented faith. It’s hard for some to place their trust in people when people have been responsible for so much harm.

But now might be the time, place and circumstance to trust. One more chance to be issued.

Indicators of vindicated trust are quick to show themselves. Burdens lighten. A journey to care is shared. Delight can be doubled. Encouragement is known.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: http://www.soul-expressions-abuse-recovery.com/Wounded-Healer.html.

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