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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Time Economy

The more we mind our time now—just like handsome bank interest—the better our returns are in the future. Get this; the more time we’ll save for better use.

I’ve always marvelled at the concept of ‘saving’ something that never existed, or was never accumulated, in the first place. Still, it’s true. Wise use of time by not venturing into waste now is tending for us freed time for a moment to come.

Human beings are goal-setters, and those are time-based. What an individual might consider a waste of time engenders frustration within them as they engage in it beyond their own will. It’s the opposite reality of saving time—it’s costing time.

The Real Economy

We live in a time economy. The money economy is actually a fabrication of means. Money is a tool. Many, many people who are trapped in the materialism of ‘want, seek and have’ do not realise that they cannot have real security with things or experience.

As we continue the contrast between time and money we find time has eternal qualities about it; money, temporary. Regrets come for poor use of time; a poor person’s regret is remorse for how money was spent. They lost nothing.

The real economy—elements of which are the only thing we can lose and never reclaim—is time. Still, should we regret our poor use of it? No, regret is such a hollow thing without thanks for learning. Regret is merely God showing us a mistake—its purpose is learning.

Now, here’s an astounding thing:

None of Us Has Wasted Our Time

Time and contentment go hand in hand but many do not realise this.

There can only be dissatisfaction at our supposed poor use of time as we compare against others’ lives. Their lives are not ours. Perhaps God’s allowed us to wander from the cherished track for a reason—all ways point to the Almighty.

Whilst time is the only important thing, because it’s the only thing we cannot lay a hold of, wastes of time are inconsequential without recourse to comparison.

Drop comparisons. God’s not magnified in them.

Instead, we will all be found by God to have consumed our time here on earth, yet all will be rewarded differently. From this angle what use is it to second-guess God regarding the size and nature of the reward? We would be better just to focus on the placement of the foot—establishing discernment for the will of the Lord.

Time allows for no regret. There is only the next step. That’s all that counts.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: from Pink Floyd’s Time (1973) video clip.

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