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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Words for War (and for Other Times)





~Winston Churchill.

What might have been a life mantra for the wartime Prime Minister might seem quite undisposed to our gentility. Yet, this world takes rather a fond delight at seeing us crushed if we’ll let it. Despite the tyranny of Nazi oppression—the bleakest days of human history to that point—Churchill stood defiantly; when many (in the early days of WWII) were calling for his blood.

This sort of stoic nature is something we can add to our besieging moments.

Resolution at Our Wars

When things are darkest our resolve to not give up needs to be brightest.

The truth is our wars are not really with others at all—not even with those at opposite shores. Our biggest wars occur without our beings—the spiritual contempt poured over the soul that would rest given a tenth the chance.

Still, resolve it is that compels knowledge of the moment’s battle, accepting and battling on anyway.

Defiance for Our Defeats

Notwithstanding our most fervent hopes, there are times when we feel absolutely smashed against the rocks of life, whether by fatigue, embarrassment, exposure, fear or a million other tear-stained relics of gloom.

Defiance is the ability to bounce out of bed after a solid night’s sleep, having bankrolled those flagging regrets with foggy, yet believable, hope. Not easy but possible.

Magnanimity for Victory

The greatest test of character is how the wins of life are accepted. Held up in sweeping grandeur is the one who suffers the pitiful defeat moments later. Pride before a fall, always.

Not much else need be said but the fact that winning is the way we show our respect for others and God, not least ourselves.

Goodwill and Peace

It follows magnanimity for victory. How is peace sustained? It’s via constant love toward others, and this from us who innately love and accept ourselves.

There can be no peace without if there’s no peace within. Goodwill is contingent on peace. It cannot reside within anything that’s at war, either with itself or with others.

Sow peace and reap goodwill; that which is bestowed on all around us.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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