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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something So Tweetable

It’s a superficial world that wants a hundred 140-character messages of meaning in a ten minute portion of web browsing; one that chews data up and spits information out at diabolical pace... yet, that’s us. Quick and to the point—even if depth is skimped—seems to be ‘it’ for our day. We’re past masters at it.

We can do better.

People can be met and listened to. Freedom can be known in taking a few more nanoseconds to get our minds around an important concept. The physical world can be touched.

Tweets and status updates (short ones!) have their place, but what’s sacrificed to the popularising of the masses? Our dignity for one...

A Deeper Premise

The people seeking the time to go deeper are those extracting life from life; not some fake adventure like one of those skimming rocks across the placid lake’s surface. They get to the other side and know nothing of negotiating with skill and fortitude the rapids upstream.

The rapids produce difficulty, of course.

Most people studiously avoid difficulty. Yet, no risk means no return. A fake world is returned, no questions asked.

Exploring is the essence of the true life experience. Even though we struggle to plunge deeply into many things there are some things we can’t help get lost in. Getting lost is fun.

Getting lost is life.

The Mystery of a Good Tweet

‘Elegant simplicity’ is the term. That is, come up with a 140-character tweet or slightly longer status update that actually encourages fossicking! This is our challenge, and there are some who are becoming brilliant at it... but it still won’t feed a hungry soul clawing to be edified.

The generation of interest and appetite to learn, however, is the founding of edification. Something so tweetable ventures into this territory.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

P.S. Will we even have ‘tweets’ and ‘status updates’ in twenty years?

Graphic Credit: Social Times Website: http://www.socialtimes.com/2010/12/what-could-twitter-do-with-200-million-five-ideas/

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