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Friday, January 13, 2012

Affection’s Mysterious Blossoming Nature

Considering my affection for three objects shows it to most easily blossom.

The Affection For One’s Children

The affection I have for my three daughters is deep and so hard to adequately describe, yet I shall try. At my lowest ebb they were the ones who pulled me through, though they may have been the last ones to know at the time. For a significant period of my life they were the reason I continued to live.

But affection doesn’t begin there. Affection begins with the desire to want to spend time, and to engage in their lives, to discern their troubles, worries, and frustrations—to help without rescuing. To watch them grow, to take on the world and win, is quietly satisfying; especially as I reflect over the younger years.

Just to be positioned in a way to help, and not to hinder, has affection for our children poised for growth. When we are able to give of ourselves in order to support our children, our affection for them blossoms.

The Affection For A Spouse

The affection I have for my wife is different, naturally. We might I start? Being a sensual person, who is engaged strongly in what I see, hear, taste, touch and smell, my affection is sated, initially, in her physical presence—but there is never enough of her! (This is a thoroughly good thing.)

But my blossoming affections are characterised far beyond simply the physical.

A spiritual affection pervades, at times, when there are physical signs of arousal, yet there is zero eroticism. God has engaged with both of us, here, to engorge spiritual blessing that is impossible to describe or understand. It is golden splendour.

The Affection For One’s God

The affection I have for God, without sounding proud about it, is more mysteriously wistful than anything, perhaps because my relationship with God is so much central to the relationship I have with myself.

Being affectionate with God is, therefore, allowing ourselves to be self-affectionate.

Given the process of the years, and the knowledge within of God’s faithfulness, our affection for the Lord is built sturdily, one brick at a time. Such an affection will continue to grow, unlike the other two, into Glory.


Ponder for a moment your own affections.

Tap into them; plumb the blessing that is enfolded through such a loving device.

Like generosity, affection sown is a thing that gives back, teeming with delightful gifts of unexpected blessing.


Affection is the mysterious emotion enamoured of a love that is swept high on a tidal wave of joy with no sight for the land of despair. The more we focus on the objects of our affection the more our affection grows—even to joy overflowing. Affections ventured are affections copiously gained.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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