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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Best and Worst of Love

We go to amazing lengths for the advancement of love. It takes us to the heights and majesty of grace, in machinations of bliss—to be wanted, accepted, even desired—yet it also takes us plummeting toward the unprecedented abyss.

Love cavorts with the reasonable mind, shaping and influencing its perception, even making a mockery of logic or taking us high above such sense. There is such potential with love; to make us or to ruin us.

Making The Best Of Love

Our vision, no doubt, is to make the best of love; to make the very best of our chances to find it, to love someone abundantly as we would have them love us just as abundantly. Still, the vision gets us into a mess all too often, for love is so much child’s play.

Romantic nuances are not only the best of love they also bring love to its knees. The infatuated advance, veiled in a cause more noble, with the best of us on display, commences love on what looks to be the right foot; but interaction couched in deceit tends to end badly. We still don’t learn. We intuitively put our best foot forward, so we’ll have the best chance of winning love, for losing is unconscionable.

In the early days of love it appears this way; that we cover for our known negative habits, prejudiced views, and eccentricities. So does our partner.

Perhaps this is an acceptable phenomenon—love may not get to first or second base otherwise.

Then, The Hard Work Begins

Love always eventuates in hard work. Love may not actually be love devoid of the hard work that inspires good feeling in partners. When love lands, having enjoyed its brief flight of romantic fancy, the hard work begins—making something tangible out of this partnership.

Then, as so often occurs, love ends badly. A partner is rejected and, therefore, hurt. There is betrayal and licence for one or both to seek for their happiness; one or both are jilted—most often one. Such damage creates even more damage as the hurt partner may go to extraordinary lengths to exact revenge; property is damaged and lives are threatened or, worse, in the extreme, taken. All this for love.

Then, moreover, there is the couple who commenced relations honestly poised, with correct bearing, and with hopes that were as realistically placed as they could be. There is no guarantee they will last; but they have given themselves the best chance.


Love brings out our best and worst. The best is couched in honesty, advancing trust and respect. The worst is characterised by deceit and it’s a warning for betrayal. In love we best lead lightly, cautiously treading, caring uniquely for the both of us.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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