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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sowing Seeds of Love In Faith

Don’t underestimate the value of small things said and done. Everyone has the ability and motive to reflect—it is spiritual osmosis: to search deeper. Sowing seeds in love, in tolerance, in patience, all in faith, enlarges the capacity for remembrance.

Making a difference in real lives is done in small, albeit never insignificant ways.

Sowing Seeds By Thoughtful Action

In every interaction there’s the potential for differences to be made—those of others on us or those of us on others.

Spiritual encouragement is known by little words and suggestions planted that may germinate, by the Spirit of God. Later, as a fact of the Spirit’s sponsored awareness, that seeded thought goes to work within the mind and heart of the recipient. Working the angles of the psyche, influence is determined as it is later revealed.

Being positioned to sow the seed of God requires being positioned to receive Divine revelation. As the Spirit whispers, in the midst of our interactions, we are lovingly advised, even prompted, to strengthen and encourage and urge people on; especially quietly with little nudges of other-centred support.

Seeing The Movement Of God In Responses Of People

Being in receipt of God’s revelation, and issuing our words and actions of support, we are enabled to also see the majestic grace of God as it moves through people’s lives, and life in general.

Seeing these things compels us to continue sowing, knowing that we are divine actors complying with eternal direction; such a Divinity does not need us, per se, but will use us if we accede as vessels of the Almighty.

Perhaps there is no finer treat for the servant of God than bearing witness to the flow of divine power and grace as it moves through life.

Warnings Against Manipulation

Sown seeds only act toward godly ends when they are sown in faith, not by some warped imagining of manipulation exemplified in passive aggressive behaviour. Such manipulation is coercion through the means of stealth and it always leaves a despicable, unspoken mark on the interaction.

Very simply, don’t be known for intimidating people toward ends that are not entirely their choice—there is no faith exercised in manipulation, only self-motivated gain.

The key difference in sowing seeds in faith is genuine thought for the complete well-being of the other person—in other words, love is the gently abiding motivation.


We were put here to help. As people who can think, talk, listen, and act we have so many ways of sowing positive seeds that may later make differences in others’ lives.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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