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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blessed Are The Opportunists

There is an underpinning value accorded to life.

When all detail, distractions, and deliberations are stripped away what we are left with is opportunity. The golden state of living and breathing commends most of all that we are playing our humble part in God’s grand creative plan.

By pure reality there is nothing more basic than the ability to act. We have choice, and therefore control, over what we do.

Making Our Contribution

Making a contribution means adding value at every step; it takes delight in doing so.

What a thought it is that we, of our single selves, one whole life that is our own, can sow back into life in the world—and, thus, life eternal!

That opportunity abounds, today, is a masterpiece concept of everyday living proportion only presented, here, at the cusp of time.

It stands there to be captive for us and it blesses the ingenuity of effort—whether ours or others’.

And we applaud it in others’ lives, also—that they took, and won, such divine beneficence; as we reject, at hand, the climbing claims of envy seeking to stamp all opportunity as its own! And envy has no claim on us when we refuse to enter into comparison over who is making what contribution. Any good contribution is applauded.

Big Or Small – It Does Not Matter

This is a bone-crunching, liberating truth if ever there was one. There is no better contribution than the one we make; the one we are called to offer at the altar of our human existence before God.

As soon as we understand this mighty axiom—that size of contribution doesn’t matter—we are freed to gleefully put forth whatever we can; whatever we are resourced to give; however it comes; for every instinctively loving motive.

Upon even the smallest, most unacknowledged act we are blessed if only we have taken the opportunity.

Managing Envy

It’s a truth that all of us must grapple with: comparisons are made with others over the size, type, ingenuity, reception, and weight, of contribution.

Managing envy is, of itself, an opportunity.

Our best step is, on the front foot, to pursue evidence of others’ action and commend it without thought for what is lacking within us. Do this, seeing how it blesses others, and we will do it more.


The grandest possible vision for life is the identification of opportunity and the opportunism of making a contribution. That is humility, diligence, empathy, courage, and prudence, all wrapped in one—to simply contribute. Size does not matter.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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