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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Putting Something Aside For A Rainy Day

What is generally thought to be a financial concept—to save for a rainy day—when finances may not flow so seamlessly as they do now—is just as much a spiritual concept; one for the protection of the emotions.

So many of us have learned the hard way; a desolate sense of grief ill-prepared for. It accosted us and we had no choice but to reconcile in numbness a life that was ending.

How much better to know a grief-quickening circumstance could prevail any time; to be prepared, not morbidly, but wisely, for an impending dry time where the spirit is chastened and glee fizzles away.

Immersed In Suffering

Such a fundamental blessing is afforded the person who, for volition of the heartiest service, takes it upon themselves to go find a place of suffering in order to redeem someone else’s reality check. A suffering not their own connects them with both a suffering that’s personally possible, which is cherished information to endorse humble expectation, and a suffering that can be alleviated through kindness and compassion.

And even if we haven’t, or cannot see ourselves, engaged in such practical service—and that is quite okay—then we are most blessed to visit suffering frequently within our minds; this way the heart practises redeeming strength from the only help we have: God. Reason and rationale for God-reliance is hence reinforced.

Given the choice, however, many people will not do this; they will prefer to have their tidy, happy lives, uninterrupted by thought for pain; how ill-prepared they might be.

It is one reason that the gospel message has eternal vibrancy. Jesus connected not with the joyous, but more so with the dire and desperate.

Journeying In Wisdom

Practices of wisdom are known to steer a person in their discernment and faith toward locations of relative spiritual safety. At such locations there might be less self-inflicted pain.

By putting something aside for a rainy day—a gloom unpredicted—and many possibilities to that end exist—we take life at truth; that it could turn any time. Such foresight will be known as wisdom, to ameliorate within the mind and heart the product of such times.

Wisdom has it. It is the most glorious possession, because it is owned by God—the possessor and that which is possessed. Wisdom is the best Divine protection available.


We may prepare for life financially, but do we prepare spiritually—for the life-turning event that shatters our equilibrium? Far wiser it is to employ thought for what might be, and how life might change for struggle. It will help us cope if and when it occurs.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: State Library of NSW: Pitt St, Sydney.

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