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Friday, February 4, 2011

Appeasing the Frustrations of Life

Life and people are one and the same,

Frustrations and evil mingled with peace and love,

Despite trespass with which we’ll all claim,

Comes life amidst the physics of shove.

Beside the point of the horrid retort,

As if to assent to some unique prize,

We stand instead to offend an escort,

To which we face a sure demise.

Getting along with people at large,

A game goes with it and perils to deem,

Never gains us the facts to barge,

Things with which beforehand to glean.

Spirited humans put us in our place,

At the remotest evidence of our transgress,

Base’s the encroach to our disgrace,

They’re sure to make upon our redress.

Frustrations of life come for a reason,

Padding and prodding they cajole our hearts,

They’re forming against us fights for a season,

Times when best vested are our smarts.

Still it commends the appeasing of same,

Issues climbing and amended to power,

Times for us to proclaim God’s name,

States abridged to the holy hour.


Commentary to Understand the Poem

What gives with the frustrations of life? They rattle us at a level that’s in spite of our consciousness to control ourselves. It defies rational explanation that these frustrations, disappointments and trespasses occur in the midst of an ordinary, acceptable life.

Trespass is common and it runs clean both ways—affecting them and us. Isn’t it interesting that whatever side the reproach occurs is secondary? It’s how these are dealt with that attracts attention toward “offense” and “demise”.

Yes, it seems offence (taking offence) begets offense (reacting to offend).

It never pays to “barge” through, even if we’re ‘wearing’ the facts. Fully dressed truth isn’t always clothed in love. Our delivery of fact should be attired in grace. Besides, a little time spent (patiently) gathering context will provide for such grace. “Truth” isn’t always as it initially seems. Frustration merely covers important facets of truth.

As soon as we do charge ahead upon our frustration, however, issuing grace-absent retorts, there are always enough “spirited humans” ready to put us back in our place.

Frustrations Come for a Reason

Though everyone’s destined to loath this fact, it’s true. The world doesn’t revolve around me, you or anyone else.

Frustrations can be seen as activators of patience. They’re opportunities for us to grow in tolerance and spiritual endurance. If we can’t do anything to prevent frustrations why would we not instead convert them into opportunities to grow from?

The key is to accept with God’s grace the common frustration. Better life results stand to be gained all round.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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