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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That Warm Smile – I Want One!

Beautifully endearing was that smile,

Coming toward me with authentic grace,

As I tread that shopping aisle,

Oh what a story on that face!

That was a scene I’ll never forget,

A place in time with no sense of haste,

She placed me in her loving net,

Safety and peace like it I’d never faced.

“How could I have it?” I started to ask,

That warm smile to carry through the day,

To take with me to the loathsome task,

So everyone’s emotions could be put at bay.

Easy it seems though life’s a test,

Still decision’s made to think external,

Focus at last on internal rest,

To change tack to life eternal.


Some people in life seem to have a smile perpetually wedded with their face, and even when they’re not happy they seem to be smiling. There’s something about the eyes or lips or their general demeanour. Do they always enjoy their lives? They seem to from external appearances.

External Focus – Internal Rest

As we consider the image that presented us with positive captivation—the beautifully warm and endearing smile—we noted that we wanted it; the ability to set other minds and hearts at rest.

There were advantages for others, of course, but how great would it make us feel, and how nice would it be for others to notice how genuine we are?

It’s a good thing to see a desirable character quality in another person and consider how it can be replicated within. This is not copying so much as selecting from a model and adopting same.

What comes with the smile—that of the bona fide variety—is the ability to cope with the inner world so as to be free for what the external world delivers us. States of rest are achieved only in faith, for faith has the courage to not fret about inner circumstances. Faith is a focus on the eternal, especially as temporary concerns begin to prevail. This is about where we look within our minds.

Now, for the smile to come off, and to feel genuine, we need to quell the welling seas of our souls. Otherwise, we just need to be honest. People usually find it refreshing when someone who’s normally buoyant is seen to struggle. It reinforces they’re not superhuman.

Smiles of Love

Does love come packaged in a better form than through the smile?

They communicate so much. Of course, some situations don’t need words, just a smile, eye contact, physical proximity... the warm pat on the shoulder.

Smiling’s a language all its own,

As if to say life’s all sun,

It’s one with grace we can always hone,

There to communicate our love of fun.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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