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Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Through Difficulty the RIGHT Way

Many people we can safely call “resilient,” but not all of these persevere through their difficulties the right way.

Not all people care for themselves appropriately.

When pressure mounts there’s a whole raft of responses; many are those that turn their anger in on themselves in unhealthy ways... this isn’t the right sort of resilience; we can’t welcome it.

Not all people care for others when things get tough. Some steamroll the mass, or the unassuming person in the way, to get where they need to go. Anyone can be flippant in their approach to life, shrugging their shoulders as they laughingly thumb their noses without a care for the consequences of their behaviour on others. This isn’t the sort of resilience that’s becoming.

Not all people care for their wider environment, or for God, as issues climb above the sensible. And life’s untenable so often.

So, what’s the right way to get through difficulty?

Holding All the Important Balls in the Air Simultaneously

The key skill in life is handling difficulty with resilient aplomb.

That is, to be able to caringly despatch the right amounts of certitude whilst dealing with difficult situations, all to achieve good outcomes.

It’s hard to achieve all this—the treatment of issues and the right way of dealing with them. But it just won’t do to ‘handle’ the difficult issues without care. If we did that we’d create even more issues—we’d just shift the problem.

Instead, we’re to achieve both the handling of the issue, though skilfully, through the exercise of discretion and foresight for induced risk.

In other words, it’s best that we keep all the balls in the air simultaneously—the visible issue-related balls, as well as the see-through balls of appropriate care; those discerned fittingly for the occasion. We cannot ignore our duty to care and expect things to land well.

Our goal is to handle all our issues sensitively; appropriately. That’s the right way.

Wisdom is the perception, acquisition, and delivery of the right way. Folly is the short cut ignorant of needs.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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