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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living Wisely ‘Between the Flags’

We stand between two poles in our quest for the best of life. First, we’re all pressed, so we need to have ways of existing that deal effectively with pressure. Second, wisdom is known only when we do what we must do, and only that—our attendance to God’s leading; obeying Divine will.

These two abovementioned poles carry surf flags, and spiritual safety is known when we live between these flags.

A Very Inconvenient Truth

Most of life is lived in realms nowhere near these two poles carrying our safety flags.

There is so much sin thereabouts and we’re swamped in and amongst it all. It’s difficult to escape.

There has to be an opportunity, however, to skip the worldly path and find the God-path, which is one that’s rarely seen, let alone taken. But, this path opens up to us at our sincere request of it; at our seeking and searching for it (Matthew 7:7).

This kingdom of the Lord’s is a hidden kingdom for good reason (Matthew 7:6). It’s only those who want it that see it.

The inconvenient truth is we won’t get vision of the poles carrying our safety flags unless we’re actually seeking them. We have to come home to wisdom.

Wisdom’s Home Between the Flags

The vision we have of the best existence is one where we capably deal with the varying pressures of life, yet we’re focused to only get involved in life to the point that God’s involved in it with us (for there are many activities where the Spirit does not go where we go!).

There is a fine line between the flags.

One is resilience to the code of James 1:2-4, the other is the Psalm 37 wisdom of anti-envy; not a thing coveted. One is never really exhausted without vision for rest, and the other is saving the precious minutes for the Divine task. One is peace because of victory; the other is peace because of the steady state—inner calm.

One is saying “yes” at the right time—when God would have us affirm something.

The other is saying “no,” and not having to deal with guilt, when God would have us not be involved; even in things others might think we should do.

Possibly the best thing about being between these flags is the chase to remain there, safe from the breaking waves and shark-bites of folly that are ready to dump us or eat us alive.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Sydney Morning Herald.

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