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Monday, February 21, 2011

Peace is Your Place

Choose today to never be held captive to a heart of want or need of anything other than God. Peace is your place.


Climbing and wandering and ceasing give way,

Times as they bear themselves over us,

Peace is our place putting at bay,

The warrant of a flow against that to cuss.

Moments before us too stilted to move,

Bodes us to accept life with a care,

Peace is our place with which to approve,

Taking it as it is – a good thing to bear.

Quiet times seem beyond rattle and hum,

Above the clamour of glare and despoil,

Peace is our place – of want to come,

Plans like this present a quandary’s foil.


We can go all places to look for peace, when it was in our backyards all along.

Moods of different varieties are tried and still peace is not found by it; seems so elusive.

Yet, try this.

Still. Sit. Breathe mechanically. Re-focus. Obtain bearing for the present moment. Yes, it’s the same as the one just gone, and the one coming. There’s a homeostatic rhythm to life we just don’t see when life’s a flurry. The bizarre thing is, it never changes. It’s been like this since time immemorial.

Look statically around you. What do you notice? With noise emanating from neither head nor heart, the whole world slows. (It’s never against us like we might’ve imagined.)

Now you’re here...

Get used to the fact that the rest of the world around you will rip itself apart in chaotic conquests at times, and you’ve no need to follow them on such a fancy of madness.

Peace is your place, finally.

You earned it. Nobody can take it from you.

Now, thank God for it, hold it, and be responsible for it.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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