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Friday, February 11, 2011

Beyond Life Betrayal

Horrible realities smack us in the face,

Those calling our hearts to what’s currently not there,

Reminding us of the futility of the chase,

For which we’re left to stand and stare.

Nothing for it – nothing at all,

Reconciling manner beyond that to accept,

Reminding of times like now to fall,

Trouble and strife is what we collect.

Benefits of betrayal are scant indeed,

They’re certainly not able to be evenly shared,

Not all results of life answer at our heed,

Seems we’re at a loss as to how we’ve fared.

Still it contends us to hold with muscle,

Onto steady strains about our cares,

Faith-held confidence denies the hustle,

It fuels us beyond to a now which dares.


There are so many disappointments in life, and it’s hardly truer when we’re reminded of how unfair life is through one unrealised aspect, over and over again. This is not so much about being betrayed by other people, but by life itself; the frustration of blocked goals.

We can feel how our destiny is clearly lit, but somehow there’s no launch-pad to get there.

Whether it’s living a single life when a partner is sought or it’s a blocked goal toward the career we want or anything else is less of a concern than the issue: there’s a battle for congruence and dissonance (where we are from where we want to be) is disrupting the peace we desire.

Battling for the Life We Want

More or less this is all of us; not many have life perfectly sorted and all goals happily met. And even fewer are at perfect peace.

But perfect peace is not anything about the life we want. It’s much more about the general direction and purpose of our lives and how we’re achieving the said purpose. After all, we can very quickly come to the end of ourselves, our dreams, desires, hopes, and friendships.

We will be failed in life and life can seem to betray us; but God never will.

What God Is Saying

When misfortune has swept us up in anxiety or depression—whether for a day or a year or more—and life has sunken to depths indescribable, we’re ready for the eternal reminder...

What God is saying is: “Get back up, get back on, and keep going... don’t give up now before I’ve had the chance to take you to your dreams... but please, if you agree, let’s keep an open mind and heart as we journey together, and don’t try too hard—mine is the strength for you.”

God wants us to keep pressing into the Spirit that can help and comfort and counsel. He wants us to not give up and to not let the hurts despoil our progress. Mostly it’s about God’s strength in our acknowledged weakness, for weakness is us.

“Dare to keep going,” says the Lord.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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