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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All the Recognition in the World

I like to recognise people and I love recognition. Most people desire thanks for a job well done. Some time ago, however, I began to understand more of the full meaning in being placed in a seedbed of an antipathy of praise. Recognition had become scarce. It was as if nothing was that important anymore, unless, that is, when mistakes were made. Then I’d learn about it.
Such an environment is a test. What are we doing ‘this’ for?
It is about recognition, just not the recognition we usually seek. The silent recognition of God is most meaningful, but we need to have vision and faith to hear it.
Sensing the Provision of a Test
We feel tested when we think like human beings. If we thought like God these wouldn’t be tests at all. If we were to have the capacity of not asking for a single thing, taking life completely as it comes, nothing could test us. But alas, that’s not our reality. As far as recognition is concerned, we do need it, and that desire can produce anything from exhilaration to desperation.
When we feel underappreciated and lacking in recognition this should highlight, all the more, the eternal recognition we have from God—that we’ve been blessed with life—and of an opportunity to enjoy God now and in eternity. Not only that, but in the heart’s absence is the Spirit of fulfilment if we’ll only sense, by Divine knowledge, the Presence of the only real Recogniser.
The test is where we seek our recognition from.
Do we look at our humanity and look for our recognition from humanity—an often very flawed recognition? Or do we seek God for it, knowing what is blessed from that which is sinful?
Going to Where the Best Recognition Belongs
All the best recognition in the world comes from God. It’s the best recognition because it’s entirely reliable in the truth. Such trustworthy feedback is affirmed in the alignment, we with ourselves and others through the Spirit, with biblical grace; the love that proves our faith is real.
As soon as we routinely live each day without seeking humankind’s approval God affirms us. We redeem more Divine truth and power. And we think more about God, and about pleasing him, as a result. That is the will of God.
Dealing with the lack of recognition is an important test. Human beings cannot recognise us like God can. Our faith can allow us to reflect over the things we’ve done to please God. Trustworthy others confirm it too. In these we’re encouraged best and we grow in faith.
If we lack recognition, what does God say?
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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