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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Valuing Pockets of Sadness

Within each of our beings resides the pungency and sweetness of memory—polar paradoxes—for what has made us who we are. Experience has taught us a way of viewing our world, and through our eyes we see; through our minds we think; through our hearts we feel. Littered through all this are valuable pockets of sadness.
These pockets of sadness are not depressing per se; though they may be fled from because of fears we have for not being able to contain the sadness.
Pockets of sadness, which are flickers of honest recognition at felt sorrow, are glimpses where life is real, however painful such moments may be. Despite the aches that these pockets engender they do prosper us, if we’ll courageously stay the tremulous moment.
Owning Our Reality – The Pleasant And Not-So-Pleasant
There stands before each one of us a golden opportunity to redeem what is the experience of the real salvation life.
God wants us freed from the many barriers to salvation that exist. And Divine Hand has the design for salvation in the mode of worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in truth.
A sure way to experience the true salvation life is in owning our reality—both the pleasant and not-so-pleasant. This, no doubt, is a lifelong process, but it can be practiced more easily than we think. All we need do, something which isn’t easy, is be prepared to enter into the sadness within our lives. This is a step of faith.
Particularly when times are difficult, or we get emotional, we’re closer than ever to touching our pockets of sadness. This is why suffering has a silver lining about it. Getting in touch with our sadness helps us, slowly but surely, to accept it more and more. And there’s no use in not accepting it—it’s irrevocably part of us.
When we can embrace the core of our sadness then we are becoming truly liberated; saved no less. This is because, if our sadness can’t sway us into the way of fear nothing can.
Living An Unbeatable Life
Ever one of life’s paradoxes, appreciating our sadness with strident candour is the gateway to an unbeatable life. When even being beaten cannot beat us we’re unbeatable. When failure cannot threaten us we do not shrink at pressure, even if we fail. When loss is dealt with in the acceptance of grief, our adjustment, however long it takes, is inevitable.
How does one live a victorious life? Not by pretending to be happy. Not by pretending anything.
The victorious life is lived in the truth of all our moments, especially validating the sad ones.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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