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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Consultation, Communication, Compromise

Relatedness is something we cannot get away from in our world. Those who successfully relate with people, situations, and their environments have the most success in life. Much of this success relies upon these three C’s: consultation, communication, and compromise.
When we effectively consult, our communication is enhanced and relational compromise is therefore possible. Where we forget or choose not to consult our communication is fraught with active failure, because the vital relational compromises are not known or made.
I was reminded of this recently. Having drafted an eloquent bulk e-mail, without consulting my wife where she would have helped, I sent it in good faith—but the action was ill-advised. It wasn’t the right time or medium to use. I wasn’t in the right place to send it. And the message could have been tidied up with consultation. Most importantly, consultation would have been a good check on the overall appropriateness of the message.
One of the eternal lessons of life is the necessity to consult as a precursor to effective communication, which will then allow important relational compromises to be made, because we are aware of needs.
The Actual Science and Benefits of Consultation
Effectual consultation is perhaps the crown jewel of relationships. It is the golden ring for the maintenance of trust; it’s the clarity, cut, carat, and colour of respect; the glittering solitaire making up rapport.
Consultation is always about the other party; about understanding them and establishing their needs, which provides for the overall success of ventures. It’s no good getting what we want it doesn’t fit with others’ sight for things, expectations and needs.
When we know others’ needs, and we have their insight and wisdom, we make better decisions. Our decisions are more inclusive and much more workable.
Consultation may not be much more than an inquisitive desire to discover what lies unknown to us underneath. We cannot see everything. When we consult we think less arrogantly and ignorantly. Consultation is proof of relational humility. It’s a sign of wisdom that we don’t know all of the steps we need to take, how to take them, and when to take them.
Wherever we implement the curiosity of consultation we have better results in life—in our relationships, environments, and living situations.
With less conflict in our lives we live happier and more content. Peace becomes us because our world is in harmony. We know where we stand and so do the people we relate with.
Consultation is the masterstroke of communication because it achieves important compromises. When we consult, trust, respect, and rapport are victors. Everyone is happier when consideration finds its legs in consultation.
When we have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ we have a desire to consult because his love motivates us. We see a bigger world and we want better outcomes for all.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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