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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grasping the 2 Biggest Realities of Life

“Sin’s not a minor moral problem to be dealt with. It is the unmitigated disaster of our lives and for it there’s God’s amazing grace.”
—Paul David Tripp
Whenever we take a good look at ourselves in the mirror, going beyond superficiality in an attempt to relate with ourselves, we detect the shadow looking back at us.
Are they really my eyes? Is that really me looking back at me?
For what seems to be a strange pastime, looking into a mirror intently, we can quickly prove to ourselves we have a lot to learn about something as basic as our very self.
The incongruence between us and ourselves is a reality we can do nothing about—not with lasting effect, at least. This incongruence points us to a problem; one we all have.
We cannot relate well with ourselves unless we understand ourselves in the light of the two biggest realities of life. These are represented in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
One reality has us grounded in the boggy mire, connecting with our brokenness. The other reality, once our groundedness has taken root and been established, is ascending on the back of God’s amazing grace.
One reality connects us with our shame—which we all have; which we should never forget—whilst the other liberates us from that selfsame shame.
One reality suggests that we are sinners who need saving, whilst the other reality is that very saving act.
One reality is home to the messiness of life in all its putrid glory, and the other is about knowing true life beyond the muckiness, but in the mix of the muckiness.
The reality of the Cross is an insult to the majority—an inconvenient truth—and a beautiful symphony of love to the minority. The reality of the Resurrection—an equally inconvenient truth—is life for some, when it should be life for all.
As vast as the east is to the west, as heaven is to hell, as night is to day, and as black is to white, there is the sin of humankind and the grace of God.
The more we focus on the Cross, understanding the full significance of our need of God because of our sinful natures, the more the Resurrection opens up to us in the full light of power for an abundant life.
The more we understand the vast divide between our sin and God’s righteousness, the reason for the Cross and the Resurrection, the more we will be awestruck at the mere conception of God in our minds; the more our hearts will expand and grow into the Godhead.
The two biggest realities of life are death and life. Only in dying now to the selfish life can we claim the regenerate life for what’s best ahead. Only when we are renewed, living true life, are we ready to die.
Our most important object: to be ready to die.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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