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Monday, May 14, 2012

Peace With a Smile and Understanding

Many dreams commence with peace, as do many that wish to end there. But just like happiness, peace is elusive, whether we discuss inner peace, relational peace, or regional peace. Perhaps peace commences in a smile and finds its meaning in understanding:
“Peace begins with a smile.”
~Mother Teresa
“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
~Albert Einstein
The Commencement In A Smile
A smile is so simple, yet we are apt to completely miss the elegant simplicity implicit in our smiles because we do not give ourselves completely to them. A smile is so solemn. A smile reverberates from our facial muscles through the rest of us.
Inner peace can be trialled in the moment we reach for a smile. When we grasp it we have it. It can be found convincing when we steady our conscious thought to consider the influence our smiles have over even us.
Then, there is the irrefutable power for peace in our smiles as they unfold in the lives of others. Suddenly our smiles are responsible for the achievement of understanding. Barriers are lowered and trust is nurtured. People seeing us enjoy life subliminally wish to enjoy their lives, too.
The Achievement In Understanding
If we commence being at peace with ourselves through a simple smile, and such an action of love proves contagious in the midst of others, because there is no force in a smile, then understanding can be forged.
Peace is achieved through understanding; both via our understanding ourselves, and accepting our status quo, our conscious and unconscious minds aligned, and by mutual understanding. Understanding is central in the authentic congruence of peace.
By understanding we have reached agreement. And agreement is working in unison for a common cause; whether within ourselves or between parties or nationally or internationally.
Peace begins with a smile and it finds its completion in understanding.
We all want peace but we often shirk at the cost, personally or interpersonally, that it will require of us. Such comparatively large cost, however, is transacted never more simply than via surrender.
We all want peace, but how much do we want it?
Is it worth the sacrifice? It is worth the sacrifice.
When we commit to smiling by our demeanour, even when things are tough, and to fight for understanding, when all is confused, we are on the path to peace.
When we can smile when we don’t want to, and choose to understand when we don’t, then we know we want peace. Peace can be a hard thing, but it’s really an easy thing.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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